Rivers State Youth: Training and Mentoring Program for Focused Leadership

As the saying goes, “Group Leadership is not about being in charge. It’s about taking care of those in your charge.” The youth of Rivers State have the potential to be great leaders but need the necessary guidance and training to fulfil their potential.

A new program called Focused Leadership, initiated by the Gborogbosi Foundation in collaboration with Gabriel Domale Consulting aims to change this by training and mentoring competitively selected youth across all twenty-three local governments of Rivers State.

The primary objective of the Focused Leadership program is to equip the youth of Rivers State with the fundamentals of leadership competence.

The program recognizes that personal leadership is the foundation for group leadership and that one cannot lead others effectively without first leading oneself. It will provide the selected youth with high-quality leadership training and mentorship to enable them to become performance-driven leaders.

The methodology of the Focused Leadership program is centred around the understanding that problems are solved by taking action, gaining experience, and learning from failures.

The participants will be encouraged to move beyond intuition to acquire leadership competencies and engage in voluntary societal activities to gain knowledge, insights and practical experience.

The sponsors of the Focused Leadership Program include the Gborogbosi Foundation, Gabriel Domale Consulting, and the upcoming Gborogbosi Business School.

The Focused Leadership program is an excellent opportunity for the youth of Rivers State to acquire the necessary leadership skills to compete globally.

The mentorship and training provided through this program will undoubtedly deliver results in the next few years. We will have well-trained youth with the right leadership competencies that will enable them to become successful leaders in their respective fields.

The Focused Leadership program is not just about training leaders; it is about building a better future for Rivers State.

The program recognizes that the state has abundant resources necessary for growth and global competitiveness. However, to maximize these resources, the state needs focused leadership.

The youth of Rivers State are the future leaders, and they must be equipped with the necessary skills to lead effectively.

At Gborogbosi Foundation, we believe that people gain experience by participating in community projects, and the Focused Leadership program is an excellent project for the youth of Rivers State.

Focused Leadership Program is planned to start in Q3, 2024.

At Gborogbosi Foundation, we care for the “needy in society”.