The ‘Flyer for Peace & Violent Free Election’ was sponsored by the Gborogbosi Foundation. We have printed 2000 copies and they are already being distributed in Ogoni especially in Gokana, Khana, and Bori where we were able to get people who assisted in the distribution. The feedback we got is that the flyer is well received. This is good news for all the efforts put in.

We will like to immensely thank the following members of the team that work tirelessly and creatively designed and coordinated the printing and distribution of the Flyers:

1. Richiehood N. Timothy
2. Nekabari Bagbi
3. Kpakue Isaac
4. Felix Kemwin
5. Rossana Rowland Leealua
6. Togoh Doctore Togoland

We also like to thank everyone who also posted the ‘FLYER’ on their facebook walls. Others are also encouraged to also post the flyer on their Facebook wall to spread the message.

Lets’ continue to be active participants in the quest for PEACE and LOVE in OGONI and by GOD’s grace, we will succeed.

Kind regards,
Leesi Gabriel Gborogbosi
Chairman, Gborogbosi Foundation

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