Support during Covid at Bori
Leesi March 14, 2017


The GBOROGBOSI FOUNDATION embarked on distribution of free facemasks to motorcyclists (okada riders) across LGAs of Khana, Tai and Gokana in Rivers State, Nigeria.

A number of persons were seen not wearing facemasks, which is a health measure to prevent the spread of current pandemic (COVID-19).

When asked why they were without facemasks, they said they are ready and interested to apply all precautionary steps and measures to curb the trending disease, but their major challenge is the inability for the government to provide them with all necessary equipment including facemask since there is no money to provide it for themselves.

While expressing their excitement over the good gestures initiated by the GBOROGBOSI FOUNDATION, they praised and thanked the founder of the FOUNDATION (Dr Leesi Gborogbosi) for his benevolences in bearing/ putting the poor masses at heart, stressing that he (the founder of the FOUNDATION) have done absolutely well.
Moreover, the FOUNDATION used the medium to urged the people to always put ON the facemasks given to them by the foundation and to ensure they wash their hands regularly and also adhere to all directives given to them by the government.

The GBOROGBOSI FOUNDATION expressed great excitement over the level of maturity and cooperation exhibited by the people, meanwhile using the occasion to call on all appropriate authorities and well-meaning Nigerians to partner and be donors to the foundation for the purpose of eradicating poverty and provide good healthcare to all Rivers people.

Watch out for more events coming up.


#GborogbosiFoundation – #WeCareForThePoor

#Report by: Goodway Walus Nnaanee

#Coordinators: Baridule Pius, Goodway Nnaane, Victor Akuruku, Kenneth Kpurugbara